Food And Beverages
We allow food and beverages on our coaches if the schedule necessitates, but ask you to keep the coach clean, and return it to us the way you received it. We ask you to refrain from smoking on our coaches. All coaches have restrooms on board.

Every time you charter our coach you are automatically covered by our 10 million dollar accident/liability insurance policy. Cancellation insurance for medical emergency conditions is available for charter groups. Call for your brochure explaining various insurance options.

Driver Safety/Comfort Stops
Cline drivers realize that your schedule is very important to you, but even more important is your safety especially if you are traveling long hours through the day or night!

If your driver makes a quick stop every 2.5 to 3 hours to use the lavatory or to get a quick cup of coffee to go, it is for the driver and passenger’s safety and everyone else using the highway.

How Long Can A Driver Work Today Without A Break
Drivers have a limit to how many hours they can safely work all day and still legally operate a commercial vehicle on our nations highways. Drivers are not permitted by the Federal Government or Hage Coach to work more than 15 hours per day, which is divided between 10 hours of driving plus an additional on-duty at your service time of 5 hours totally 15 hours of work each day. Your driver needs off-duty time for lunch and/or dinner, as part of a break in the middle of the day, to allow the driver a couple hours of off-duty time for rest and/or nourishment. Lastly, each evening the driver must be off-duty 9 hours to secure the coach and sleep.

Why Is My Driver Not Idling The Coach
The driver may not be idling the coach for your comfort during the day or this evening as Hagey drivers are instructed to follow environmental regulations that prohibit motorcoaches from idling while picking up or dropping off passengers in cities and towns across the nation. We want to follow the law to avoid fines. We also want to be good stewards of our environment.

Chaperones Of Youth Groups
One adult must remain in the rear of the coach while minors are on board to monitor activity. If the schedule necessitates, eating on the coach is permitted. Please have the youth treat our coach like it is your home or classroom.