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Top 50 Motor Coaches!

Metro Magazine has selected Cline Tours, Inc. in their list of the Top 50 Motor Coach Fleets!  This was awarded in January of 2017.  We are so honored to have been chosen for the second year in a row.  Thank you, Metro Magazine!

Electronic Log Mandate

The Effect of Electronic Logs on the Charter Bus Industry

From my perspective, as the owner of Cline Tours, the FMCSA mandate for electronic logs (ELD’s) will deeply and thoroughly affect our industry. Conversations at bus meetings over the past several years have been vague and conditional since the mandate had not been made official. It is now official and will start December 15, 2017, about 18 months from now.

Since we have been using ELD’s for over 30 months, we have been paving the way for other operators to learn from us. And we will be glad to share our experiences with legitimate charter bus companies.  Only a handful of charter bus companies have been using them as they have not been required.

Here is what we have learned from our 30 months running ELD’s.

They are expensive. We spend about $30,000.00 per month for the hardware, software, cell time, training, management and support for our 175 logging units.

Drivers have a hard time with E logs, especially when they first start using them, if they are not fully computer literate. Things seem to improve over time. However, even with improvement over time, the support requirements are extensive and continuous.

These are the things that we have observed from our perspective as an operator. Over time, once our industry is fully involved in using ELD’s, here is what we see that will change our industry.

E logs are complicated and expensive. Operators who are not tech savvy will find they are very hard to master to the point where they can be used. The cost of buying and operating E logs will cause a number of operators to either get out of the business or try to run “under the radar”. Over time, cutting the number of operators will have an effect on available charter buses for customers to use.

With paper logs, cheating is fairly easy. Low price operators who cheat will go by the wayside if they cannot adapt. In any case, their cost of operating will increase which will also drive up prices.

Customers are going to have to comply with DOT regulations with regard to hours of service. This means creating itineraries and schedules that allow drivers to stay in compliance with all hours of service regulations.

So, what is the bottom line?

In our opinion, there will be fewer charter bus companies and charter buses for customers to choose from. And, they will be more expensive. Users will have to work hard on trip planning to get their trips compliant with all DOT regulations. It is going to mean reducing time at attractions, reducing the number of attractions and possibly making the trips longer and more expensive.

FMCSA Announces New Regulations for Leasing Companies


FMCSA has announced new regulations that apply to charter bus companies that sub-contract their services with other companies, or use other charter bus companies in the course of their business. New regulations will require charters booked with one company but pulled by another company, in full or in part, have a documented lease on file between the 2 companies and proof of insurance.  Charter agreements between the two companies are not considered leases.  This must be a separate document.

Large companies, like Cline Tours, will not be easily affected this due to the size and scope of our operations. Small companies will have to do things that they are totally unfamiliar with and not equipped to implement.  Their main issue will be with insurance.

In the past there have been no charges between charter companies for insurance, since this was not a federal requirement. Now these companies are going to have to provide insurance for any buses they sub-contract from another company. Besides being an inconvenience, they will have to pay $50.00 to $100.00 per day in insurance charges, just for using another company’s bus.

If the operator fails to add the insurance, theoretically, the charter would be running with no insurance and in violation of DOT regulations. If a DOT officer performs a random check of the motor coach,  and all of the required documents are not in place, the motor coach will be placed out of service.  This means that passengers will be without a bus until another bus can be put in place.

If you are planning to book a trip with a motor coach operator, you need to be aware of these requirements.  This is one of the pitfalls of using a company without the resources to provide their own buses.

Don’t be stranded, use Cline Tours.

Seat belts are IMPORTANT!

This video should prove why seat belts are SO important!

I’m willing to bet $5.00, this left a mark!

Posted by Rocci Stucci on Monday, December 7, 2015

Cline Tours joins IMG





The International Motorcoach Group (IMG) today announced that Cline Tours, Mississippi, has joined the invitation only North American network. This brings the IMG network to 54 companies and provides expanded coverage in Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Alabama.

John McCommon, President and Owner of Cline tours said: “To be invited to join IMG, the premier bus organization in the country, is a compliment beyond words. The companies of IMG are the best of the best and I am proud to be a part of this group. Our future is brighter than ever because of IMG. All of us at Cline are honored with this”.

“We look forward to welcoming Cline Tours as a partner in the IMG network. Cline Tours will give the IMG footprint in the Southern States a significant boost and we are happy to have John and his team as part of the IMG family.” said IMG President, Bronwyn Wilson



Free T-shirts?!

Is your family having a family reunion this summer? Do you need transportation to get where you’re going? If so, call Cline Tours! Sign a contract to book your family reunion by June 1st and get FREE family reunion tshirts!

Some restrictions apply, speak with your salesperson for more information. Trip can be scheduled for later than June 1, we just have to have a signed contract by that date for you to be eligible for the promotion.

Family Reunion 2

Our Weekend Dispatcher

Pictured below is John McCommon, President and Owner of Cline Tours, presenting an award to Ken Smith, our Weekend Dispatcher. Ken has been in the bus business for many years and we are so grateful for his service. This award is a small “Thank you” for everything he has done and continues to do for us at Cline Tours!

Ken Smith- Award

April 15th, 2015

Statement of Cline Tours, Inc. regarding the events of April 15, 2015.

Cline Tours, Inc. has a long and documented history of ethnic diversity and the support of that belief. This decision to terminate the charter on April 15th, 2015 was made on what we felt was best for the continued safety of the group, our driver, our bus, and others who might come into contact with our bus while it was on this trip.  The decision was based on the information relayed to us by our driver.

Our history speaks for itself. We are proud of who we are and what has been accomplished with our business. We are proud that African Americans represent half of our workforce and that almost half of our business comes from the African American community including churches, schools, and African American owned businesses.  We have always received positive testimonials and reviews from all our customers and we continually strive to improve how we serve our customers.

We will continue to be inclusive at all levels and respect the rights of all.